LocalAmishFarms.com offers information about locally grown, locally raised, locally made items available for you and your family in the Southeastern PA area. Find free range chickens and eggs, raw milk in glass milk bottles, pesticide free produce, locally grown plants, cut flowers, bedding plants and vegetable starter plants, pastured and hormone free beef and pig, raw milk, glass milk bottles and much more. Remember, Amish Farms are never open on Sunday. Please respect their privacy by visiting them only during the hours listed on this website. Many of these farmers are also at the local farmers markets and growers markets listed on the home page.


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We are in the process of gathering information about local Amish Farms - currently those local to our location in southern Chester County, PA - but we will list any Amish Farm if given enough information, and add search capabilities once the site warrants such a feature. Information needed for a listing:

  • Name of owners and/or name of farm
  • street address, town, state, zip code
  • phone if available
  • products available
  • and if the products are pesticide and/or hormone free.

Feel free to call or email with questions or a suggested location. Our phone is 610.299.6726. Please ask for Barbara Odell.

Have Amish Farmers near you?

We also have pre-printed postcards that can be handed out to Amish farmers and they can mail them back to us. If you know of Amish farmers, perhaps at your local farmer's market, that might be interested, we would be pleased to send out a stack that you could hand out. We would greatly appreciate your help in getting your group of local Amish Farms listed on this site - and generating traffic to either their farm or their booth at the local farmer's market. It's a win-win for everyone.

Please just email us your address and request the number of postcards you want and we'll mail them down along with an introductory flyer.


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